Slab Bacon

Hunter Bacon, a mean cut of pork

Hunter bacon, the bacon for Hunter College students, by Hunter college students. Nah. My neighborhood of Kensington, Brooklyn, is full of Russian and Eastern European influences. We have 3 polish meat counters, that primarily offer pork products. My market only sells cured, smoked, or canned meats. Hunter bacon sort of slid off the shelf into my hands. I love its aggressive name and simple bold packaging. Not afraid to display vacuum sealed bacon and its lovely pools of white lard.

Honest bacon

I have not been disappointed by the Hunter Bacon's quality. Slab style bacon allows me to fry up as thin or thick a piece(rather as my knife skills allow) of bacon as I want. Thick bacon cooks up crispy on the outside, and tender and meaty in the middle. Nice. The thick bacon has a better texture too. A bit more fibered and hearty, like pork rib meat, rather than that crispy-sandy texture of the industrial sort. The authentic smokey flavor is described as "European" and does not intrude on the pork flavor like I find with other bacon products. The salt is just right. The bacon is made by Bobak, Chicago company that sells its sausages at the Bear's home, Soldier Field.

I have some devious plans to cut the bacon up into lardoons, aka chunks, and use them to flavor a few batches of beans and stews. And it could become more sinful candied bacon.


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