CSA Week 6

One of each variety, the whole share does not fit in a a picture.

I am a full share, picking up every other week, hence the even only numbered csa week #'s. This week was good to me. A volume of greens including lettuce, purslane (still my favorite), chard, and basil. Cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, green beans and peppers round out the hard veggies. Oh oh, plus corn, a first of the season. Look for corn guys, its out there!

I am planning a few rounds of food to share so look forward to seeing some zucchini bread, corn cakes, plantain, pickles, sandwiches, sarama, and other baked delights.


  1. Hi! Curious... I'm in Hawaii and thinking about joining a CSA because veggies are soooo expensive out here! Do you pay by the week or month? How much would the same amount of veggies cost you in a regular grocery store where you live? How much you pay so that I can sort of compare? Thanks!

  2. purple peppers??? are they from the moon?

  3. Purple peppers are from the garden, indeed.

    Mary O. The breakdown= You pay for a season (anywhere from 20-30 weeks)

    I pay $290 for a half share, picking up a whole share every other week including eggs. A half share feeds me for all 20 weeks. Thats about $15 for almost all of my food, because I have so much I can eat veggies for breakfast, and I do.

    I would guess the same amount of local organic veggies would cost anywhere between $35-50 for the same amount. Grocery store, is pretty resonable, maybe $25-30? You have to do your own Hawiian research. NY, NJ, and PA have great farming capacity.


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