Le Blé d'Or Basil Pilsner 辦桌皮爾森

Taiwan has seen an explosion of craft beer in the last 3 years in both imports and locally brewed. However the original is Le Blé d'Or which opened in 2002. Le Blé d'Or (LBO) has a restaurant where you can drink fresh pints, or pick up bottles at a finer grocery stores such as Jason's.

I fell in love with the LBO Porter which I find flavorful but not heavy. I jumped at the chance to try their Basil Pilsner 辦桌皮爾森, and it did not disappoint. Crisp, light, effervescent carbonation, and a tiny hint of basil at the end. This bottle of pilsner ended up at KTV with friends, but I imagine it would be best paired with three cups squid.

Le Blé d'Or Basil Pilsner 辦桌皮爾森
Check out their Chinese website, or a great article in English on Tricky Taipei


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